Mail has been clogged since around july

Sat, 11 August, 2012. Leave a comment
After moving the server to a different location i forgot to change the smtp relay server from affarsverken to comhem, it should be fixed and working now.

Installed Bukkit and an orbremover

Thu, 20 October, 2011. Leave a comment

After several instances of having the OGW minecraft server crash, i've finally installed Bukkit and with it a plugin that removes EXPorbs on death.

This also prepares the server for additional Bukkit plugins if they're ever needed.

World-rendered for OGW minecraft server

Tue, 27 September, 2011. Leave a comment

I've set up a world renderer for the minecraft server i'm hosting for

It's currently up at

It should update every night at around 5am (central european time)

edit: The minecraft server is no longer available, and the renderer has shut down. Someone else took over the hosting.

Hosting a minecraft-server for OGW

Tue, 20 September, 2011. Leave a comment

Last night, Silverfish contacted me in the middle of his stream asking if wouldn't mind hosting a minecraft server for his post-show fun with some of his viewers, i said why the hell not and went through with it!

After one night of mining fun this is what they achieved:

The server is still running at and is open to anyone who loves minecraft and overgrowth!

I'll try to get a dynamic world-viewer up at some point. But for now, you'll just have to go there and see the world for your self.

Moved XNA project list

Sat, 17 September, 2011. Leave a comment
I have moved the information about the XNA projects i did in school last year. Download links might reappear at a later time as the old files were lost in the move to the new server and i'm just too lazy to recompile the projects at this time.


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