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Sat, 20 April, 2013
Me and two friends participated in a 24 hour jam last week. The theme was brainstorming. We ended up making a game where you drive around collecting words which returns a tweet after the fifth word.

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Oh, also, the article seemed brilliant, had the best depection of @Totalbiscuit I've seen so far. Worth your time.

9 years ago

@Totalbiscuit 's retweet just garnered me some temporary fame, enabling me to plug my game. Too bad I'm capable of feeling shame.

9 years ago

@Totalbiscuit is swedish magazine famous.

9 years ago

Having my first course in MIPS programming this week, couldn't be more excited!

9 years ago Lukas has written a short blog post about his creative process for making levels in Semest!

9 years ago

I don't like puzzels..

10 years ago

Globulous Original Soundtrack -

10 years ago

Lucas has written a bit about our first enemy character on the official #semest blog

10 years ago

Let's kick this thing off

10 years ago

#humblebundle just went one step further in their linux campaign. Making it easier to install game than on windows.

10 years ago
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