Site purpose

I've created this site for myself as a place to collect my thoughts and projects.


This site uses WebGL, JQuery, Lightbox2 and Ajax Upload.


I'm a video game programmer named Max Danielsson studying at BTH in Karlskrona going for a Masters (Swedish title Civilingenjör) in Games and Program-design.

I've previously worked one year as a Java-programmer/Tester/Technician at a company that was creating software for the Wireless market, dealing mostly with linux and hardware relevant for wireless communication.

Before working i attended Secondary Highschool for three years at Johnbauer Gymnasiet in Kalmar studying basic topics aswell as computer-science with some additional courses in math and physics. My "final exam project" was a modification for Half-Life 2 made in correlation with my close friend Lukas Orsvärn.

Contact Information

I can be contacted at the E-Mail: work(at)

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